2 brothers from Paris, France!
Meet my brother Daniel Guien, myself: Raphael Guien and Frank who always leaves the room when picture time comes around!

You guessed it, we are leather suppliers and of course we supply all kinds of leather hides and skins. But that's not where it ends. Our focus and where we find the most pleasure is building an ever growing community of artists, designers, artisans and manufacturers right here in the Los Angeles Fashion District, working together to bring creations to life every day!

We love to see the birth of a new leather product whether it be a leather jacket, a handbag, a jewelry pouch, shoes... Daniel has become something of a leather expert and is always here to guide designers towards options viable for each project, while pointing out the wrong choices depending if someone is trying to make a pair of women's pants, a handbag, a restaurant booth or stool, or even an interior design project. We understand the little ingredients that are necessary for each project as well as the obstacles that may derail it. 

And that's where our very own Frank comes in, with his 25+ years experience manufacturing high end leather handbags, jackets and pants that ended up on the shelves of Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Henry Bendel, Barneys New York, Fred Segal, Opening Ceremony and Webster to name a few.
Frank will be the first to tell any designer that in leather fashion, ideally, you should come to ORTU leather with some kind of a pattern in hand and if possible leather swatches for us to better understand the thickness and finish you're shooting for. Then once you pick the leather, will come the time for marking, grading, sample making (in possible duplicate sizes with the fusing, stitching, sewing, maybe even a mold with logo engraving, and other fun stuff), then hopefully the production! Frank also always points out that unlike fabric, leather is somewhat of a live natural product, every skin is unique in its own way and requires a professional to handle the cutting, sewing, lining, stitching, etc.

Want to see a little more of what goes on at ORTU leather? Follow us on Facebook or follow me on Instagram! A friend of mine keeps calling me the Emperor of leather so I kept the name in his honor! http://instagram.com/the_leather_emperor


Raphael Guien, Co-founder Ortu Leather





Established in 2010, ORTU Leather has been supplying leather manufacturers and designers all over the world with the finest quality leather.

 In our Los Angeles warehouse, we stock more than 500 colors of leather in several different types of finishing: smooth, aniline, semi-aniline, vegetable tanned, embossed, perforated, distressed, glossy, shiny, patent, grainy, matte... to name a few.

 Having our own tanneries in Italy and France enables us to monitor each step of the tanning & manufacturing process, providing our customers with the highest quality leather.

Our leather specialist Frank is from a family that has been in the leather business for generations beginning in Florence, Italy then going on to Paris, France before arriving in the united states in 1965. Frank, himself has 30+ years experience and brings with him an uncompromised passion for anything leather.

                                        As Frank likes to put it:                                          "Leather is not just a business, it's a lifestyle"

Besides selling leather, ORTU Leather also manufactures and contracts for some top designers. We don't make or sell leather goods if they do not meet our criteria. When you buy from us, you receive top quality goods and service. Our reputation and customers testimonies are our best advertising.


Old fashioned leather tanning


Old classic leather tannery
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